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The Next Stage program supports the growth of rapidly scaling startups by offering access to mentors, corporate leaders and Alexa integration opportunities.
Alexa Next Stage
"We're working with rapidly scaling startups with a diverse team, mature product offering, and strong customer interest or adoption who are executing quickly."
Managing Director Trevor Boehm breaks down the program.
Our Companies
Robots to increase indepence of individuals with Reduced Mobility.
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Blerp is the search engine for soundbites.
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Blue Fever
Blue Fever is an empathetic AI that allows you to express yourself without judgement and then be guided to experiences that meet you exactly where you are on your emotional journey.
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We allow pepole to interact with voice user interfaces in acoustically challenging conditions.
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Language learning technology that aims to make all of human learning 10x more efficient.
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A premium audio content streaming platform.
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Symbl ai
Analyze natural voice and text conversations without any upfront training data.
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